The Background

Lou Liebau & Kelly Williams

Our Story

Having both played Division I basketball at Oakland University in Michigan as well as having mothers of Filipino descent, it was natural that Kelly and I became good friends. When he got drafted to the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), I asked for his autograph and told him one day we’d do a project together that could give back to so many in need because people would know his name.

Years later, after a few months traveling across the Philippines, I was in awe of the various hoops around the country. From rural farms to sprawling cities, Filipinos would go to any lengths to build a hoop to play the game. I strongly felt their deep-rooted connection to the game and how that inspired others – not only in basketball but to showcase determination to do what you’re passionate about in life, no matter what the circumstances.

Kelly and I teamed up, explored this beautiful country together, and I took photos of the fascinating hoops that grace this site and tell the story that they all share: Mahal & Basketbol.

Just as the game and the resilience of the Filipino has made a powerful impact in our lives, our hope is to now make an impact.
Our hope is to inspire.


The original goal was to create a photo book showcasing photos of all the hoops and sell the books with part of the proceeds going to a local charity in the Philippines. As the book is still in process, we decided to put up prints and apparel for sale as well. This gives more opportunity to give back to the community.

Anyone with the love of the game will enjoy what we’ve created here. We hope you connect with the story of the hoops as much as we did and make a purchase that will always remind you of the passion you have for basketball.

Our Story